EBA & ESA Convention and IV Japanese Culture Festival

Lithuania, Vilnius

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KEIKO BORJESON - jazz vocalist, pianist, composer

Keiko Borjeson plays elegant swing-flavoured jazz with a distinct bebop influence. The well-known jazz pianist Hank Jones called her “one of the most innovative pianists I have known and listened to in years ...adventurous, lighthearted style, a combination that may seem contradictory, they crystallize perfectly in the hands of Keiko”. This year Keiko Borjeson will give performance together with one of the most popular Lithuanian musician Andrius Mamontovas.

LAIMUTE VANAGIENE - Ikebana master

Laimutė Vanagienė spent 12 years studying Ikebana in Japan . She studied at school of Sogetsu style Ikebana in Tokyo. There she was granted qualification of Ikebana master and a master name Shirakaba. Laimutė continued her Ikebana studies at school of Ikenobo-Seigetsu style in Sapporo. Since 2002 she is participating in Ikebana exhibitions of Sogetsu and Ikenobo-Seigetsu schools in Tokyo and Sapporo. Two years in a row, in 2009 and 2010 she, together with widely recognized Ikebana masters, was invited to present her art in Ikebana International and Ikebana schools exhibitions held in Sapporo city.
On return to Lithuania she is continuing to promote Ikebana art. Laimutė Vanagienė led Ikebana presentations and workshops in a number of events dedicated to Japanese culture. Such events as Japanese Garden opening ceremony in Kairėnai botanical garden of Vilnius university, Japanese Garden presentation in Mažučiai country side in Kretinga district, 8th International Bonsai and Suiseki exhibition in Alytus and „Now Japan“ festivals.
Laimutė Vanagiene made Ikebana for the events organized by Embassy of Japan and Ambassador residence. She is spreading the art of Ikebana - the jewels of Japanese culture in a number of events for public around Lithuania: in Vilnius, Alytus, Druskininkai, Panevėžys.
Laimutė Vanagienė is the member of Lithuania–Japan friendship association.

Japanese Fusion Music and Dance Performance


GETA DANCE is a new style of performing art, contemporary Japanese performance, created by Miyuki Matsunaga. It blends elements of Japanese traditional dance, modern dance, and vocals with live art painting and acting techniques, to make a performing art style that expresses powerful emotions and also produces show-stopping theater pieces.
Performers wear Japanese GETA sandals with contemporary Kimono and use various traditional Japanese items such as SENSU(fan), KASA(umbrella) and KATANA(sword), which visually enhance the performances.